Kal-Haven Bike Trail Starting from Bloomingdale, Michigan to South Haven, Michigan

Bloomingdale Michigan Municipal Center
If you want to start your Kal-Haven bike trail journey even closer to South Haven, Michigan you can start at the Bloomingdale Michigan 
Municipal Center location. 

The Bloomingdale Michigan Municipal Center location is about a 15 mile bike ride on the Kal-Haven trail to South Haven, Michigan compared to the 23 miles if you start your bike trail ride at the Gobles, Michigan location.

Easy access to the Kal-Haven tail and plenty of free parking make this an ideal spot to start your bike journey to South Haven, Michigan.
Kal-Haven Parking at Bloomingdale MI Municipal Center

If your looking for the address to the start of the Kal-Haven Trail in Bloomingdale, Michigan to enter into your GPS use the Bloomingdale Municipal Center as your location address. 

Bloomingdale Municipal Center address for your GPS:
Bloomingdale Municipal Center 
109 E. Kalamazoo St.
Bloomingdale, MI, 49026
[1/2 block east of blinker light on north side of street]

The Bloomingdale Michigan Municipal Center is almost directly across the street from the start of the Kal-Haven Trail and parking area.

Bloomingdale Michigan Municipal Center Location

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In addition to being a great place to start your bike trail journey to South Haven, the Kal-Haven trail location at the 
Bloomingdale Michigan Municipal Center has well maintained and clean bathroom (outhouse) facilities and drinking water fountains.