Kal-Haven Bike Trail Starting from Gobles, Michigan to South Haven, Michigan

Over the 4th of July weekend we rode the Kal-Haven bike trail from Gobles, Michigan to South Haven, Michigan. The Kal-Haven bike trail is an easy-to-ride bike trail and the bike trail itself is well maintained. 

We drove from Kalamazoo, Michigan to Gobles, Michigan and parked our car at a small grassy parking area to start our ride. From the Gobles, Michigan Kal-Haven trail starting point  to South Haven, Michigan is about 23 miles each way. 

If you want to start the trail closer to South Haven, Michigan you can start at the Bloomingdale, Michigan starting point witch is about a 15 mile trail ride to South Haven, Michigan. The small grassy parking area location in Gobles, Michigan where we parked our car to start our Kal-Haven trail bike ride to South Haven, MI. is located across the street from Healy Hardware. 

If you are looking for the address to the start of the Kal-Haven bike trail in Gobles, Michigan to enter into your GPS use the address to Healy Hardware. The small parking area to park your car is literally directly across the street from Healy Hardware. 

As a side note, the folks who work at Healy Hardware are really great people and very helpful. If you need hardware items, support Healy Hardware.

Use Healy Hardware as your GPS address for the Kal-Haven Trail address in Gobles, MI.

Healy Hardware
307 South State Street, Gobles, MI 49055-9712
(269) 628-2584
[ M40 turns into State St. once you get into Gobles, MI. ]

Kal-Haven Bike Trail Address Gobles, Michigan

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